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Currently at the Artist Window Gallery, Historic Village, Tauranga



Digital Painting on Canvas

110cm x 76cm

Adobe Photoshop on Huion Kamvas Drawing Monitor


When I finished Jewel, I wondered if I could do it again. I wanted a companion piece and this time wanted it to show off the power of the horse. So with my new method, I followed it and in this case had to pause and start again as I wasn’t feeling the colours. They didn’t feel powerful and didn’t feel right for the sketch I made. So I grabbed a colour palette closer to Jewel’s, and started again to build the colours, the layers, the values. It worked! When I saw this piece on canvas, it just about brought me to tears. What I have learnt from the works in this exhibition has made me grow as an artist in ways I never thought it would.

Original - Power - Powerful Equine Horse Painting

PriceFrom $1,300.00
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