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This short course is the ideal course to get familiar with the top digital art programs and the know the basic tools to start your digital art journey.

Learn how to navigate a digital art program's interface to start drawing asap. Explore what tools to use, how to use them and what tools are actually useful to use to get the most out of a digital art program. No frills, just exactly what you need to get started.

FOR ONLY $̶1̶9̶5̶  $49

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You wake up and have your new drawing tablet your new digital art program. You open up the program and pick up your drawing stylus.
You're feeling confident, creative and inspired.
 You're able to navigate the program with ease. You can use layers, different brushes to sketch, ink and colour. You edit where you need to and your creativity is
now limitless.
You haven't had to spend hours feeling overwhelmed by countless YouTube videos and Google searches to simply
get started. 
It should be fun.
Digital art should be and will be FUN





You will learn about the industry standard and most powerful digital drawing and painting program. Once you know the tools in this one, you'll know how to use them all.



Learn how to navigate the interface of the most powerful drawing program with ease. Explore the menus, windows and tools that will get you drawing in no time.


Must-Know Tools

Explore the digital art tools that feature in any good digital art program. Understand these tools and enhance your drawing workflow.

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Drawing Exercises

Learn drawing warm up exercises, understand your digital brush and its settings, and the way colour works in the digital art world.



In this course you'll be given a simply workflow you can start using in your digital drawing journey. This workflow works in any digital drawing program.


Drawing Demo

Get your digital canvas loaded and follow along with a drawing demo that showcases how all the tools taught are used in action.

Plus, Special Bonuses!

Why listen to me?

Hi! I'm Roxanne!

I am the horse mad girl, crazy cat lady, the gothy witch girl and the one that would not stop drawing in school. I am still all these things and I can proudly say I won't be growing up any time soon!

I've always been creative and because of this I wanted to pursue my passion for art. I discovered digital art while in high school. There was a lack of knowledge about digital art back then, and despite my art teacher knowing little to nothing about it, she encouraged me to pursue it. And I did!

I studied Graphic Design when I finished school but found I was not at all interested in it. I wanted to be an artist, an illustrator, a painter...but digital.

I spent countless hours scouring Google, YouTube, forums, magazines, art books and more for tips and tutorials on digital art. I definitely learnt the tiresome way and most of the time it was simple trial, error and exploration that got me to where I am.

I've created the Art Cave Academy to shed the years off your art journey.


Let's make it simple and most importantly FUN.

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What do my students have to say?

Here's a reminder of what's included!

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A course that with help you navigate the top three digital art programs, dive deeper into the programs and digital tools that separates digital art form the traditional art world. The simplest guide to getting started in digital art.

The Course

Explore the top 1 industry standard digital drawing program : Adobe Photoshop.

Drawing exercises for exploring brushes and getting warmed up before a creative session.

Deep dives into the must-know digital drawing tools including:

  • Layers

  • Clipping Masks

  • Selection

  • Transform Tools

  • Pixel Locks

A Workflow drawing demonstration where you draw along and learn how to implement the tools learnt.


Bonus #1

Quick Guide for easy reference to the tools and workflow.

Bonus #2

A drawing exercise workbook for exploring brushes and warm up.

Bonus #3

A Facebook community for support, for asking questions and inspiration.

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