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"Emerald Cat"

Digital Painting on Canvas

40.64 x 50.8 cm

ProCreate on iPad Pro and Adobe Photoshop on Huion Kamvas Drawing Monitor


Emerald Cat is a third piece in a cat collection. This one took a very different route, however. Unlike the others, Fancy Cat and Sassy Cat, this cat painting took on its own style. I struggled to paint what I was envisioning early on. I started with a sketch and colours much the same as before but as I started rendering, I just didn’t like it. I walked away from it for a while until I started again. I liked the new sketch more but again, when I started to add colour and render in the shadows, I started to hate it again. Inspired by fellow Pix-Elated artist Lou Agas, I decided to try looser brushstrokes. I gave myself a limited colour palette and tried to limit how much I could zoom into the piece and kept the brushstrokes visible. No blending! The work came alive and I fell in love with it finally. This led to my process for Jewel and Power.

Original - Emerald Cat - Feline Abstract Art Digital Painting

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