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Want to improve your connection?

Roxanne doesn't just love to draw horses, she also works with them to help people understand horses and themselves better. She loves helping people have a better connection, better communication and better bond with their horse.

What does Roxanne teach?

Roxanne has been a horse riding instructor since early 2017 and has developed a love for learning from horses. She teaches people of all ages and abilities, and has a focus on confidence building, horse communication and using the foundations of dressage to ride our horse effectively and with consideration.



Roxanne teaches horsemanship from the ground up including desensitising, lungeing, lateral movements and more. Set you and your horse up for success from the moment you meet them at the paddock gate.



What is your horse trying to say?

Learn how to listen to your horse and make the two of you a team and not a dictatorship. Gain trust and respect from your horse and show them you are listening.


Foundational Dressage

This kind of dressage is the stuff all riders use, not just the Grand Prix sport kind. This is the riding basics to get you and your horse working together no matter what discipline you head into.  Roxanne uses this to help those wanting to learn to jump, ride western or work with obstacles, this foundational riding is important to know.

"Roxanne is such an amazing instructor, she taught me from when i first started riding and got me to where i am now. She taught me how to have confidence in my riding and in myself, anybody would be lucky to have her as an instructor. Even after i lost my confidence she showed me how to get it back and how to recognize when i have bad riding days. I am truly so thankful to have her as my instructor."

Miles, Tauranga

So what does it cost?

Roxanne comes to you! She teaches you with your horse at your property.

$85 Private Casual

$750 for Private Term Booking (10x Lessons)

$70 per person Semi Private (2 People) Casual

$600 per person Semi Private Term Booking (10x Lessons)

$60 per person Group (3+ People) Casual

$500 per person Group Term Booking (10 Lessons)

Venue hire and travel fees are additional to the session costs. 

Travel fees are +$0.75 per km over 20km from Welcome Bay.

Don't have a pony? You can book a lesson on one of Roxanne's ponies.

These lessons are private lessons only:

30 mins Casual $75

30 mins Term booking (10x lessons) $700

45 mins Casual $95

45 mins Term booking (10x lessons) $850

60 mins Casual $110

60 mins Term booking (10x lessons) $1000

and Who can get these lessons?

Roxanne's teaching style and what she focuses on would benefit people:

  • With their first horse

  • Have gotten their kid their first horse

  • With young/green horses

  • Getting back into riding their horse

  • Wanting to improve their horsemanship and groundwork

  • Overcoming nerves and fear of horses

  • Wanting to understand their horse better


If you're ready to get a better relationship with your horse and gain some skills in your groundwork and riding, then email Roxanne about lessons today by emailing

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