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Currently at the Artist Window Gallery, Historic Village, Tauranga



Digital Painting on Canvas

110cm x 76cm

Adobe Photoshop on Huion Kamvas Drawing Monitor


This painting was a turning point. It was a venture into more abstract, loose brushstrokes. After my breakthrough with Emerald Cat and struggling with two other pieces I soon scrapped, I sketched up a portrait of a horse loosely. Horses are my go to. I live and breathe horses and my art reflects that a lot of the time.
I chose my colour palette, keeping it limited and using Adobe Photoshop brushes, I followed the same method I did for Emerald Cat. It wasn’t about being technical and super detailed. It was a less is more approach. I was careful with the values, using a saturation layer of black to check the values constantly. Jewel is a piece I look at and still wonder how I did it.

Original Jewel - Beautiful Equine Horse Art Painting

PriceFrom $1,300.00
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