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Acrylic on Canvas

16 x 20 inches

Currently in the Artist Window Gallery in the Historic Village Tauranga.


Well this piece was a surprise. I never thought I'd dabble in anything remotely related to abstract but there I was with leftover paint and a blank canvas. I grabbed the one palette knife I owned and blobbed the extra paint onto the canvas. I had no idea, no plan, no intention. I simply started to smear paint with the knife. I took up a brush but found it blended the paint too much so returned to the knife. The knife allowed the paint to come together while staying apart, creating amazing patterns and textures I'd only seen other artists achieve.I added more paint and just explored. It was such a peaceful way to paint and I had way too much fun with it! I knew I wasn't going to leave it as is so explored various sketches on top of the paint using my iPad. Inspired by the incredible Jeremy Neill and my love for the moon, the triple moon was what I landed on. I look forward to using more of this in my future practice!

Original - Dreaming

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