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Acrylic on Board

16 x 20 inches

Currently in the Artist Window Gallery in the Historic Village Tauranga.


This Pegasus started as a little study sketch of a horse laying down. I was teaching one of my incredible students and showing her how to break down a reference photo to study it. I drew alongside her, observing this photo and demonstrating each step. Looking at the result, I imagined this little horse with wings. My love for the moon turns up in my work, although not often enough! Jumping onto my iPad, I brought the photo of my sketch into the ProCreate drawing app. I developed a sketch and took this little horse sketch to the stars. I didn't want a classic white Pegasus, I wanted to play in the cool colour palette that I adore so much. I wanted the moon to contrast against her. I wanted her wings to shine, her peace to reach the viewer. As someone who has only just taken up acrylic painting, this piece makes me proud.

Original - Pegasus in the Stars

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