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"The Jaguarcorn and His Queen"

Digital Painting on Canvas

76cm x 76cm

Adobe Photoshop on Huion Kamvas Drawing Monitor and ProCreate on iPad Pro


The Jaguarcorn and His Queen is the fourth piece in the “Big Caticorn” series by Roxanne. This one focuses on the Jaguar, native to Brazil. The Queen is therefore donning traditional Brazilian dress. For this work I wanted to keep the colours more muted after finding half way through the colours to be too saturated. This work took on many changes. The background itself had many renditions before I settled on the more abstract brushstrokes learnt from the other pieces in the exhibition. This work is still technical and detailed, keeping my more perfectionist way of drawing in the light. Creating detailed paintings like this one gives a real sense of accomplishment but is very time consuming. This one painting took many, many more hours than everything else I’ve made in this exhibition combined.

Original - The Jaguarcorn and His Queen Painting

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